seat2Our little one has reached the point where she no longer wants to be a baby. I guess a more accurate way to say it would be that now she wants to do everything that we want to do, despite her age, size, and hand/eye coordination. This has become an issue with her eating as obviously a high chair is for babies and she is a ‘big girl’ now.

So instead of going to Ikea* (our old ‘go to’ furniture store) and buying her some plastic POC seat, I decided that it would be good for all of us if I perhaps built her some seats. After some research online I found the easiest plans in the world for ‘Four Dollar Stackable Children’s Chairs.’

seat3The best thing about working when it’s 97˚ outside is that paint dries by the time you get around to doing the second coat. And since my buddy was borrowing my miter saw, all 34 pieces (for 2 chairs) needed to be cut by hand. And because they were cut by hand, they ESPECIALLY needed to be sanded around the edges. I really do hate sanding.

But after .5 hours of cutting, 1.5 hours sanding and painting, and .5 hours of assembling, our daughter has a night little table set for her and her lunch dates. So easy and, more importantly, much more satisfying.

*To be fair, her table is an old Ikea coffee table that I hacked a shelf off of and repainted.


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