And the winners are…

MY FAVORITES (but not necessarily the best)
1. Birdman – A unique and refreshing mindf*** of a movie. So entertaining and so fun with possibly too many endings.

2. Calvary – Oh man, this one rips you apart. But it’s so funny. Hard to shake it off.

3. Grand Budapest Hotel/The Lego Movie – Definitely two of the most fun movie watching experiences of the year. I cannot believe The Lego Movie wasn’t nominated.

4. Whiplash – This one was fun (and stressful) for different reasons. Fun in the way that you might get enjoyment by seeing a jerk fall down a very hilarious set of stairs.

5. Noah – I know that none of you saw it and I don’t even necessarily recommend it. It just reminded me of old 80’s epic fantasy movies and had me interested the whole time. Though I’ve been told by some of the people that I work with that it’s not very “accurate.”

6. Inherent Vice – Once I stopped trying to figure out what the HELL was going on I enjoyed it a lot more.

7. Boyhood/The Theory of Everything – One is a great movie with so-so acting and the other is a so-so movie with great acting.

8. The Imitation Game – Once a year I am caught off guard by a movie that I end up loving that I had no desire to see. And usually Keira Knightly is in it.

9. Nightcrawler/Blue Ruin – Both incredibly well made and extremely disturbing. But they certainly keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

10. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes/Willow Creek – Both are well made and fun B-movies about monster apes in Northern California.

MY LEAST FAVORITES (but not necessarily the worst)
1. American Sniper – Ugh. The more I think of this one the more I actually despise it. Might as well have been called “GI Joe 3” or “Captain America: Iraq Soldier”. It certainly should not have been called a true story though it’s true that there was a sniper named Chris Kyle. If you want a much more interesting story then read the book, though that’s hard to recommend too.

2. Enemy/Under The Skin – Maybe I need to see them again. Maybe I missed something. Or maybe I should just re watch “Muholland Drive.”

3. Snowpiercer – Not so much terrible as just over hyped. WAY too overhyped.

4. Transcendence – Ok this one actually was a bad movie. Or at least the first 45 minutes were bad. I couldn’t be assed to finish it and that says something.

5. Godzilla – For future monster movies can we just stop writing scripts or letting humans talk? Just let the damn monsters fight. Also, maybe actually showing Godzilla a little more would have helped.

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