miclamp1We needed a lamp.
We needed a lamp that wasn’t from Target or Ikea.
We needed a lamp for sophisticated adults.

So like any ‘hip’ kid we went to the Rose Bowl Antique Flea Market to find one. We figured amongst the thousands of rows of overpriced antiques that we would be able to find something.

Maybe because it was hot, maybe because it was silver shiny, but my wife immediately saw the old EV Electro-Voice 664 microphone while we were wandering the rows in Pasadena. And we thought, ‘we can make a lamp out of that.’ And I did. And I managed to do it without electrocuting myself. I turned the old signal cable into a pull switch to turn it on and off and put a light bulb where the transducer was.lamp_gif

It’s pretty neat and now I’m looking for a desktop mic to do the same thing.


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