music-keytarMy love for music is what got me to where I am today.  I went to college thinking that I was going to be a high school music teacher but that quickly changed to a basic music degree with an emphasis on vocal performance and a certificate in music technology. Growing up with computers in my house has made me fairly tech savvy, which is why the tech side of music and sound grabbed me.

In college I was lucky enough to have a few very talented friends who let me play music with them and from that we started a couple of bands, mostly to play the Saturday night parties at our summer camp. Now those bands play at the weddings of our friends.  Another thing that I’m pretty proud of is the a cappella group that I was in, Bufferzone.  Terrible name.  Lots of fun.

We Built This City

music-moreglamDirty Sanchez and the Rusty Trombones is a straight up rock cover band. Nothing original, except for maybe what we wear. Just playing the jukebox hits that most people love. The Grundles are an acoustic offshoot of them, initially created because I needed to record some songs for my final project at college. Since then we’ve recorded 3 more ‘albums’ and have plans to do more.

Playing music has always been a fun and happy escape for me. Something that I get to do with my good friends and family. Something that takes me away from everything that’s going on in my life and brings me to a place of utter happiness.

music-grundles1If I Am A Stranger

Crooked Jack

Wandering One

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