clemcarMy work week averages on about 45-50 hours, not including commute time (another 8-10), so the weekends are a pretty precious time for me.  Recently my daughter and I have enjoyed working in the garage and garden together, or rather, I work while my daughter plays with the scraps of wood and field tests whatever ‘we’ happen to be building.

She LOVES being outside and playing in herown world, and since she’s turning 3 in a couple of months (YIKES!) I thought that it would be fun for us to build a playhouse together.  Only she won’t know till we’re done as I don’t plan on putting it all together until the actual day.  So this week we started with the base, which for the purpose of keeping it a surprise, we are calling a stage.

clemmooseI’ve drawn out all of the parts and actually ended up cutting all of the pieces by hand since there aren’t that many and it’s safer for the both of us.  It’s going to have to be a pretty narrow playhouse given the location but I think that she’ll enjoy it just the same.  We’re using cedar since I won’t have to stain it and it is naturally protected against the elements.  It’s a little more expensive upfront but hopefully it will last longer and look better with age. Here we go!


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