lair_shootMy story up to this point is that I grew up in the Bay Area, spending lots of times up in the mountains too.  I went to the University of Colorado, Boulder, to get a bachelor’s degree in Music, specializing in vocal performance, with no idea what I would do with it for a living.  Having been around computers all of my life I found myself being pulled towards the technological side of music.  So I ended up with a certificate in Music Technology when I graduated.  I also spent all of my summers in Pinecrest, CA, helping run a summer camp with 50 other college students and my family.

photostripI started focusing my attention on film sound since I have always loved movies.  I picked up and moved to New York City to go to NYU and get my master’s degree in Music Technology.  While my primary interest at the time was film sound I also became more and more interested in interactive/immersive audio.  For my thesis I built the voccordion, a controller for vocal manipulation.

From there I moved to Sydney, Australia (Vegemite Manwich), when I heard that they were building a new mixing stage. After months of persistence I ended up with a job on said mixing stage working on the film, ‘Australia’ (kind of confusing, I know).  This is where I first met my future wife, a transported Kiwi also on the project.

I moved back to California after the job was done and after MORE persistence I got a job working with the same mixers on a mixing stage in Los Angeles.  I’ve been lucky enough to work on all sorts of projects with lots of great people (Avatar, Super 8, Lincoln).  I also ended making a movie of my own, which was a really neat experience.

Now I’m married to the aforementioned Kiwi and we have a lovely daughter AND SON (updated 9/22/15) who loves nothing better than to destroy everything I build.  Life is good.

In an effort to make life even better we moved up to Grass Valley in Northern California to be close to our family, friends, and the mountains.  And we couldn’t be happier. (updated 1/18/2017)