houseI hate wires. I will be SO happy when we are free of them completely. And while I try to be great at cable management, inevitably it always turns into a birds nest behind my computer, entertainment center, and router. I’ve got a wireless transmitter for my projector so that I don’t have to have cables run around the room and for the past few years I’ve been trying damnedest to have wireless speakers throughout our house. I have yet to come up with the perfect solution.

Sonos is nice but very expensive and doesn’t integrate with iTunes the way that I want it to (NO LONGER TRUE AS OF 1/26/16). I started buying old airport express’ on eBay to use them as little hubs for audio but the old ones crap out and are no longer supported by Apple (there is a clunky workaround but I’m over that!). Turns out the new ones crap out too, either that or our baby monitor is screwing the whole thing up.

fullinsideAnywhoo, I think I’ve found a solution that works.  Well more like I found someone who found a solution that works. For $25-35 you can buy an actual airport module (google USR-S12 and buy one on eBay or Amazon) wire it up, and connect it to your network.

This is actually the first project that I started and finished without having to redo/resolder/rewire anything. And it seems to be working! Here is the link to Instructable post and below are the pictures of my setup.  Assuming it continues to work I plan to have my house crawling with them!


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